Life Member Profile – Margaret Piggott

Margaret Piggott joined the club with her husband Bruce in 1968 after catching the skiing ‘bug’ on weekends in the lodge with Kiama friends, and she immediately showed her enthusiasm and commitment to the organisation by participating in working bee activities. Over the decades she has maintained her participation in these events which are central to lodge development and maintenance and to the bonding of the membership. She has attended countless working bees: the club’s early records do not permit a precise enumeration but she has undoubtedly clocked up her half-century of attendances. At them she has focused on myriad indoor tasks such as cleaning windows and ovens, bleaching cups and doing whatever else has needed doing, always displaying her sunny, cheerful disposition in the process. She has, like many other members, enjoyed the working bee weekends for the good fellowship they engender. Also like several other Kiama Alpine Club people she has involved herself when in the village in the staffing of the museum of the Thredbo Historical Society, and of course she has done much skiing on the slopes of Thredbo as well as in Europe. She still does it on occasions, but less frequently nowadays than in the past and only when conditions are at their finest. In Kiama she has contributed to the promotion of the club and its lodge, and she was a member of the sub-committee which planned, organised and delivered one of the signature events of the club’s history – its fiftieth anniversary dinner in 2008. Margaret’s and Bruce’s daughter Julie is one of the many children of member couples who became members of the Kiama Alpine Club on reaching their 18th birthdays. Like Bruce’s, Margaret’s life membership was conferred at the AGM in Kiama in 2020. People like the Piggotts, quiet workers year after year and with the club’s interests always in mind, are most welcome in the Kiama Alpine Club. They contribute to its welfare.