Life Member Profile – Sandy Rendel

Sandy Rendel joined the Kiama Alpine Club in 1982. His contact with the club had begun a few years earlier when he became the club’s solicitor on the retirement of Frank Kearns (of the Kiama legal firm Kearns and Garside) who had done the job since the formation of the club in 1958. Sandy’s first major task in the job was to carry out the legal work for the transition from the original sporting club to the Kiama Alpine Club Co-Operative Ltd. The transition began in 1979 with the drafting of a ‘formation statement’ which was lodged with the NSW Registrar of Co-operative Societies. The process of incorporation took more than two years to complete, lengthy negotiations being necessary with the Department of Housing and Co-operatives and the National Parks and Wildlife Service. The task was completed in October 1981 with the acceptance by the club’s members of its new status and rules. Sandy’s association with the club as its solicitor has continued to the present day. It has included two sets of negotiations of the terms of the club’s sub-lease at Thredbo, involving the insertion of various options relating to bed numbers, and the provision of legal advice through the many planning and building projects that the club has undertaken since the major lodge redevelopment of 1983-84. He has thus been responsible for the club’s legal dealings with Kosciuszko Thredbo Pty Ltd, the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure and the National Parks and Wildlife Service. In addition he has undertaken the legal vetting and instruction in connection with banks where loans and mortgages have been involved. Within the club Sandy has given great support to the board on the periodic drafting and redrafting of the club’s rules, and his attendance and guidance at AGMs has been invaluable to the chairmen of those meetings. His work for the club has been provided largely on a pro bono basis. The Rendels – Sandy and his wife Dianne and their children Pippa and James – have demonstrated a strong commitment to the Kiama Alpine Club over a long period of time with Sandy awarded Life Membership in 2012.