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Val Wynn

Val Wynn became a member of the Kiama Alpine Club when she and Ron were admitted without charge in recognition of their joint contribution to the building of the lodge in 1983-84. But she had long been familiar with the club and its facility in Thredbo well before that and had participated in working bee activities for many years. She played a full part in the lodge development project, bearing the harsh and exposed living conditions of an uncompleted building which was open to the elements. Her main task was to fed the army of workers and visitors, and her ability to create meals and morning and afternoon teas with rudimentary kitchen facilities amazed many. Meanwhile her sunny, positive demeanour charmed everybody. In this major project she was the rock on which her husband and his company depended. Back in Jamberoo she hosted many board meetings in her home during the 1980s and 1990s, providing a smorgasbord of dishes, treats and drinks and always without fuss. Meanwhile she provided advice to the board on lodge and site improvements whenever it was sought. Val's habit of calmly and quietly rolling up her sleeves and getting the job done extended to the club's AGMs as well: she regularly set up halls and meeting rooms, provided drinks and snacks, volunteered her time to organise evening dinners and then cleared away and returned the facilities to their original states. She did the same thing on the occasion of the club's fiftieth anniversary celebrations in Kiama in 2008. Her contribution has been huge and has been made from a position of near-anonymity, always without seeking thanks or recognition. She was recognised, though, in the club's anniversary year, with the award of life membership. The contribution of the Wynn family, now extending into the next generation of daughters and their partners and with leadership passed to Liz in the presidential role for several years, has been substantial indeed.


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