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Geoff Boxsell

Geoff Boxsell was, in his own words, "corrupted" into joining the Alpine Club of Kiama in 1961 by his soon-to-be wife, Vivien, who was already a member. Five years later he was elected, still in his twenties, to a committee of middle-aged people and in his second year there he was entrusted with the role of secretary. Among his tasks over the next five years was handling the correspondence generated by the legal and insurance ramifications of the explosion of the hot water system in 1968: these dragged on for years. He stepped down from the committee in 1971 but returned in 2002, his time by then freed up by retirement from active employment, and his service on the board as a director for a further six years covered a number of special projects. His 50 years as a member have been marked by his concern for the club's welfare, illustrated in many ways including his advocacy of the club's family-friendly philosophy and the need to ensure family membership succession and avoid loss of control over who joined up. His inside knowledge of the ethos and workings of co-operative organisations was of great value as the club moved to take on the status of a co-operative in the early 1980s, as was his wisdom and advice on commercial matters over a long period. His contribution to club working bees, often seen at great heights on ladders as he cleaned the lodge's windows, has also been noteworthy. In addition he has contributed markedly to the entertainment of the members in the lodge, especially with his near-libellous musical limericks, sung to the accompaniment of his trusty ukelele, on the doings and mis-doings of the club's leaders and other people. In the early years he was frequently the MC at the club's socials. Geoff Boxsell's role has been one of willing and effective inputs of many kinds and his life membership, granted in 2008, was well merited. His wife Vivien and children Ian and Kate have also contributed significantly to the club's welfare.


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