Kiama Alpine Lodge has a new state of the art kitchen. It is equipped with modern appliances such as electric ovens, gas stove tops, blenders, microwaves, etc. The kitchen also has a large amount of fridge space and pantry space allocated to each room.

The lodge is stocked with a communal supply of:
• Salt - Cooking and shakers
• Pepper - White, black and corns
• >Sugar - Castor, white, raw and icing
• Oil - Olive, canola and vegetable
• Coffee - Pods and machine, instant and ground for peculators
• Teas - Large selection of herbal plus plain, earl grey, English breakfast and tea leaves for pots.
• Chocolate - Milo and drinking chocolate
• Flour - Self raising, plain and corn
• Sauces - Tomato, BBQ, sweet chilli, HP, soy, hot chilli, mint, seeded mustard
• Vinegar - White, brown and white wine
• Pop Corn, sweets, marshmallows
• Herbs and spices and breadcrumbs<
• Balloons, streamers, candles and sticky tape
• Napkins